The Miracle of Cana. The originality of re-production

While at the Factum Arte Lab in Madrid, Adam Lowe, a British artist specializing in facsimile production, recreated Paolo Veronese’s famous painting on a 1:1 scale. The original, currently held at the Louvre, was made for the refectory of the Benedictine monastery of S. Giorgio Maggiore. With this copy, Veronese’s ‘Wedding Feast at Cana’ was brought back to the city of Venice and the island of S. Giorgio. Its placement therefore constitutes a symbolic completion of the island’s cultural rebirth, initiated more than half a century ago.

Created on the occasion of the presentation
of the facsimile of the Wedding Feast at Cana,
at the Fondazione Cini, September 11, 2007

a collaboration between
Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Isola di San Giorgio, Venezia
Adam Lowe, Factum Arte, Madrid

Photographic shooting
Alicia Guirao
Alfonso Reveròn

Video editing
Alicia Guirao
Alfonso Reveròn