From space to place
The architect’s vision of the territory

It takes an architect’s vision to imagine change, to reinvent the spaces of urban living, to interpret the social fabric and to improve the citizens’ quality of life. It takes an architect’s vision to identify urban spaces to rethink and to reuse to generate new opportunities: a process to construct the new, great map of the Metropolitan City of Venice.

During the Biennale Architettura 2018, we are inviting architects to focus on the squares, empty buildings, green areas and spaces which need to rediscover the value of sharing.

The Venice Order of Architects, Town Planners, Landscape Designers and Conservators aims to stimulate professionals to take this opportunity further and use their expert vision to propose improvements and suggest new possibilities for collective well-being.

We visit and observe the territory, map built or open areas left in indifference or abandoned, sometimes also forgotten, proposing a new possible use able to contribute to improving the life of citizens.

CALL – an invitation to reinvent the living spaces of our territory: