Venice shares knowledge spaces



The VENICE Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2018 edition has the purpose to offer a project of shared management of the knowledge.

Starting with the awareness that ICT is more and more necessary to increase the value of a city and of its metropolitan area, Venice claims a strong action to communicate to the world its idea of the future of the city.

Inside the Pavilion it will be possible to download and re-use parts of the massive structure of the data made by the adherent partners, now available, and freely enjoyable by the visitors.

The model of collection of knowledge and data offers in fact a lot of different sources that allow information to be collected inside the sensitive mind of the Pavilion that also gives order to data, in a harmonic and thematic distribution.

The theme of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition is “Freespace”. Venice Pavilion tries to explain the title as knowledge spaces “spazi di conoscenza”, meaning that the free spaces, considering that data – and therefore knowledge – can be reused by everyone. An immaterial Freespace that creates a continuous interaction among the various pattern of knowledge.

FOLLOW UP! is something similar to a computer with movable type (that the Pavilion’s visitor can touch with hand) and that allows to think ad rewrite politics and strategies to represent and to manage the city and its metropolitan dimension, as well as its heritage of Art and Lifestyle. “Research and innovation find in this circumstance the place and the time to integrate with the culture of our own city in a innovative and holistic way, affirmed Arch. Luca Battistella, Institutional Manager of the Pavilion and Delegated Adviser of the Mayor for ICT and the Smart City of Venice.

New ideas therefore for the great lagoon and mainland city, in accordance with the Action Plan Paper of the Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, developing in a “continuum” a close connection to the recent initiatives and reflections about the celebration of the centennial of Porto Marghera; a joyful multiplication of knowledge through big data representation, will be expressed in a intense program of workshops, laboratories, meetings and lectures suitable for every kind of audience.

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